Eight months since our first 22. Have to tell you that I’m way different than back then; I’ve changed; I’ve never expected this, but I did change and now I think it was for the better for me. I was kinda needing to go through all this, not that I’m masochist, but I needed to know the reality of loving someone, the for and against, how a real relationship works. Ok, you can tell me that 3 months is not even a reasonable time to call it a relationship, but then I tell you that what I’d been through was as intense as an 1 year’s relationship and, as a long-distance one, everything about us was out of “standards”.

I don’t say that I get colder but I’m certainly being more realistic about romance. Before you, I used to be such a dreamer, a romantic idealistic, always looking further for a bright and magical love story for me as I used to see on my favorite Nicholas Sparks’ novels and romantic movies. What I forgot (or maybe denied) was that love stories could also be tragedies, just look at Romeo and Juliet. Love stories could be full of magic and great feelings but sorrow and pain as well. I had all of this. Our relationship was just like a roller coaster ride: thrilling and fast.

You messed me up so hard but in the end I liked the mess I’ve overcame, I’m just a little concerned with where all this mess can lead me to… But for now I’m OK and enjoying the view from up here. So, if you ask me how I’m doing, I’d say “I’m great!”.

All in all, this one is to thank you. Thank you for our unexpected relationship and even more unexpected break up. Thank you for the twenty-twos, the ones we had and the others that doesn’t belong us anymore, because these twenty-twos will be my reminder of everything I learnt with you, everything I’ve been through and how much I grew up because of you. Thank you, F.

Now, after all this time, I face these twenty-twos as a different kind of celebration, a celebration for the New Me.

Happy 22!


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