Eu também te amo, F. – Off My Chest #2


“I love you too, F.”, that’s what I answered you. You don’t have any idea of how painful it was for me replying this…
I’ve never told “I love you” for anyone before. I grew up facing this sentence almost as holy, keeping it for the right person, for a special moment, because love is strong, is special and is right, I mean, you have no doubts about it, right?

With you, everything I lived, everything we’ve been through, it’s been being such a punch of reality, mostly showing me the real face of all the dreams I carried within me since I was a kid… It hurts really bad right now, but maybe this will be good for me in time, for life is not as bright and magical as movies and Nicholas Sparks’ novels showed me which I held so tight. I found it out in such a bad way, but actually thanks God I did. Dreaming is good, one of the greatest things on life (and we should NEVER stop doing it) but we always have to remeber to keep our feet on the ground. So, besides all, I thank you very much, F., for leading me to realize that.

But I told you that I love you and it was way different than I’ve always dreamed about. It was not even close to that magical and special moment. We’re not together, we broke up. You’ve hurted me and I was really mad at you (why did you have to say that?!). It was by text! Damn, how I hate you! But, after all that anger I felt as soon as read your message, everything I could think of was “I love you too.” And I surely do.

You stole my colors and dreams, but I said “I love you too, F.” and still, you don’t have any idea of how painful it was for me replying this.


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